Judge is very crucial

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Judge is very crucial

Post  sainaku on Tue Sep 18, 2012 10:07 am

Well, the BS game never is hard once you know all the basics of the gameplay. For the first time I get in touch with the game, there are a lot I need to learn.

What makes it sounds difficult is just because there is no one who can tell you Right or Wrong In real time during in play. I saw some people keep on asking and asking the question. It never is a stupid question. Just people don't try to state a clear situation or example that somehow is better for people to understand the question.

Rules are rules. Somehow they are quite loosen against the monsters effect like green can gain more cores which it should only be gain in core step. What people keep asking are just Question for the Answer for certain cards or again sting other cards.

joke I always does, "get a liscense to be a judge" . XD

Player don't have to study all those card's question and answer. They only study which are COMMONLY ASKED (means no cards related). People who goes study all those card's Q&A are Judge... Or some player who wants to learn more.

You may be the beginner or the only player in your city like me back in old days but with other players around me to study and research this game (yeah I know I worked harder than in school), promoting this game, giving out self build demo deck to newbie... Now I still expanding the game in my country.

We learn from each other and also try to seek the answer of the conflicts. I just went to Taiwan and get in touch with the players at there(quite. Lot player they have there). Many player with many different play style. The cards you don't use... The cards you think is useless... A lot. This game can provide the players different card build and different combo strategy...I never know little bikken is such annoying spirits...

Well, the subject of this topic is the purpose. You may think it as this is some sort of message like "keep it up! People" to those who loved this game very much. Maybe in some time you got the chances to get in touch with other players, maybe me? XD

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