Battle Spirits: Now in a Variety of "Flavors"!

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Battle Spirits: Now in a Variety of "Flavors"!

Post  Smash Spirit on Fri Dec 28, 2012 11:27 pm

Today in his latest weekly blog on the Japanese website, Battle Spirits game designer Mike Elliott gave the fans an extensive list of alternative "house rule" methods of casually playing the Battle Spirits Trading Card Game. If any of these new formats prove popular enough with duelists, it's possible that any one of them could gain a presence in a future official tournament circuit...! I figured this list of extra house rules would interest everyone, so I posted them below. Please share with me your thoughts! Very Happy

In this format, "there can be only one" copy of every card in your deck.

In this format, both players play with decks made up of Spirit Cards only.

In this format, both players begin the duel with ten (10) Life Cores instead of just five.

In this format, both players begin the duel with only three (3) Life Cores.

In this format, when either player runs out of cards to draw, the affected player reshuffles the cards in his/her Trash to make a new deck, then continues the match (Deck-Outs no longer count towards a victory).

In this format, when your turn ends, discard your current hand and draw four new cards. During your Draw Phase, you cannot draw a card from your deck normally, but any special effects that occur at this phase activate as usual.

In this format, you cannot add Cores to your Reserve during your Core Phase. In addition, when summoning a Spirit (or Brave), always place one Core from the Void onto your new summon.

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Re: Battle Spirits: Now in a Variety of "Flavors"!

Post  Soaker on Sat Dec 29, 2012 10:36 am

Ooh. Some of those look pretty fun. I may have to try them. I particularly like the spirits-only rule.

The endless deck duel would really make blue pretty weak.
But hey, maybe this could finally become a reality:

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