2V2 Gameplay Variant

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2V2 Gameplay Variant

Post  Slifer on Sat Jul 09, 2011 7:35 am

1) Players both share core pool and lives. (8 core life/4 core reserve)
2) Partners cannot have same color cards (ex: you play red, partner must not play red)
3) You can Attack with your partner's spirits provided they are not exhausted. They only refresh however on your partner's turn. Similarly you can also block with them provided they are not exhausted.
4) You can deplete your partner's spirits.
5) The 2nd player gains core and can attack.
6) Player rotation is like this: Player A and B are partner, C and D are partner. A goes first, then C, then B, finally D before going back to A.

EDIT: Edited for accuracy. Found the link on the BS original forum which discusses this, and modified my rules to match them.

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Re: 2V2 Gameplay Variant

Post  sainaku on Thu Jul 12, 2012 1:46 pm

Magic effect can be given to your partner. Example: double draw, or others.

Nexus can be place either on my field or partners. But only the player of that field gain the effect of that nexus only.

Effect which targeting opponent are referred to the player's opponent (means 2 opponent will be affected) example effect like Sagitta flame says destroy opponent's spirits with in total bp5000 will be destroying 2 opponents spirits in total bp5000. Not bp5000 each opponent.

So far the rules regarding the burst still not announce yet.

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