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Mono-Blue Golem Crush Empty Mono-Blue Golem Crush

Post  ManectricMan on Wed Nov 09, 2011 10:18 pm

I figure that no one was posting deck recipes, so I decided to try my hand at designing a deck.

Obviously, as a good chunk of Blue decks are, this focuses on giving the opponent two options: Take lethal damage or lose all their cards. It is a bit slow, but that's because I decided to make it ONLY blue cards, and ONLY Artificial Soldiers. No Titus, No Silent Wall, just blue, rocky goodness.

2x Kurofune-Golem
2x Island-Golem
3x Locomo-Golem
2x Cannon-Golem
3x Tower-Golem
3x Rock-Golem
3x Bronze-Golem
3x Stone-Statue
3x Clay-Golem

2x Massive Up
3x Strong Draw
3x Exclusion Horn (Possibly)

3x Collapse of the Battle Line
3x The Honorable Fight
2x The HQ Filled with Fighting Spirits
3x The Pillarocks' Aquapolis

Yeah, it's pretty basic, but it's pretty fun. I tried to keep the amount of X-Rares to a comfortable 0, and with a minimal amount of Master Rares. However, I'm not against replacing the Kurofune Golems with some Orichalcum Golems. I figure they'd be quite a power boost for the deck, but if possible, this would stay casual. So yeah. ^^ Please post comments, criticism, etc.

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Mono-Blue Golem Crush Empty Re: Mono-Blue Golem Crush

Post  ManectricMan on Sun Apr 01, 2012 8:45 pm

Sorry for the double-post, guys. But I've updated my deck, and I'd like to get a second opinion. =O It fares pretty well in playtesting, but I'm unsure of how well it would face Red, Green, or Purple decks (currently tested against White and Yellow with impressive results).

2x Centauras-Golem (Titus/MobileFortress grade milling ability AND Crush)
2x Island-Golem (Trump card, essentially)
3x Clay-Golem (Best 1-Drop in the deck)
3x Rammer-Golem (Every deck's gotta have 0-drops, right?)
3x Stone-Statue (Decent, easy to use milling card)
2x Rock-Golem (Iconic = Instant Include)
2x Locomo-Golem (WHOO WHOO!!! All aboard the power train! =D)
3x Tower-Golem (Awesome defensive potential)
2x Tsundog-Golem (Saving everything from dying for a turn is pretty good, if you ask me)
3x Shovel-Golem (For those nasty Burst decks that could give you a hard time)

3x Pillarock's Aquapolis (Strangely, one of the most powerful milling cards in the deck, as well as nice control)
3x Collapse of the Battle Line (Do I even need to explain this one?)

3x Strong Draw (Blue doesn't get much card draw. Luckily, this card's pretty good.)
2x Burst-fist (Ever seen the Anime? This is necessary)
2x Break Burst (Blue needs all the stalling it can get. Some of the best stalling involves smashing things that do stuff. >:3)
2x Solid Body (Pseudo-Silent Wall if a powerful enough Crush Spirit is out)

This isn't perfect, of course, and I'm sure that adding a few more Crush-Specific Nexuses could really aid in my efforts, but I don't know what to remove for them (I'm trying to keep this at 40 cards).

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