Selling my collection

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Selling my collection

Post  Lloyd6770 on Sun Jan 15, 2012 10:22 pm

I would prefer to sell everything all in one shot, but it is not a necessity. I also have a few hundred commons that will come along with the collection. I don't know what sets they are from specifically, but all the cards are English, and they are all from when Blue was released, and from before that. Here is the list of my cards.

2x The BeastSpear Giga-Galrave
1x The Savage Knight Hurcules
3x HungryTree
5x The DarkFeather Yatagross
3x The Soldier Ant
1x The Great Kaiseleon
4x Life Chain
1x Gul-Karura
3x The GodBird Peagod
3x The GoldenFlower Zonne-Bloem
3x Stagrove
3x Gowsilvia
3x The Charger Blanboar
3x Bathopper
2x Storm Draw
2x Binding Woods

2x The LeoDragon Lion-Howl
2x The BlackDragon Vritra
1x The ArmoredDragon Maximillion
1x The Scout Dragno
1x The Sickle Fool-Joker
4x The FlameDragon Ma-Gwo
5x The LavaDragon Plesios
3x The Conqueror Cendragos
3x The Dragon Diamat
1x The Dinocavalry Diridalus
1x The Fire LithoGraphica Phenixious
3x The GrandBishop Levia
3x The Shaman Dragno
3x Flame Tempest
1x Double Hearts
3x Seventh Crimson

2x The ImpregnableFortress Odin
1x The ExtremeShield Gran-Tortoise
3x The AutoEmpress Sol
4x The Metal Surtr
1x The ArmoredSnake Mithgarth
2x Reload Cores

2x The ArcAngelia Valiero
3x The PreciousBeast Carbulc
1x Trickster
4x The hellDog Cerru-Berus
3x Arcanadoll-Pan
1x The GreatAngelia Principearl
6x The BlossomChild Lip
2x The Angelia Dominia
2x The Fairqueen ti-Tanya
1x The GreatAngelia Exsia
2x The RoseLady Barossa
3x Teleport change
3x Magic book
4x The Topaz Meteor
4x The Sealed Spellbook

1x The General Bloody-Caesa
1x Darkwitch
1x The Marquis Cocytus
3x The DarkReefDiva Seiren

2x The Conjurer Oliver
4x The BirdMan
2x The WeaponCollector
2x Volcano-Golem
3x The Loss of Heroes

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