War of Dragon Warriors [戦龍決戦] V.2

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War of Dragon Warriors [戦龍決戦] V.2 Empty War of Dragon Warriors [戦龍決戦] V.2

Post  sainaku on Sat Jul 14, 2012 11:29 am

this deck is majoring Dragon Warrior and Ba-Ou(Ba-Oh, Lord) type. it was first roughly putting up together and friends commenting it too much of Burst. well, i consider this deck is quite destructive. it may be slow or fast in some luck. to play this deck is simple for me because what i will advice to who want to play this deck is "Careful! this deck will burn you!". XD

BS15-004 Hanzo Shinobi Dragon x3
BS16-005 Goemon Thieft Dragon x3
SD06-005 TwinBlade Dragon x3
BS16-006 Archer Dragon x2
Sd06-007 The HeroDragon Lord Dragon x3
X012 The HeroEmperor Lord Dragon Dominion x3
BS16-x01 The ExplosionHero Lord Dragon Bazzel x2
SD06-011 The HeroLegend DeitySword x3
BS16-061 The Dark Clowdy Ogre Island x3
BS15-073 Transmigration Flame x2
BS16-074 Explosion Sword x3
SD06-014 Burst Cross x3
BS15-074 Triple Draw x2
SD06-015 Burst Flame x1
SD06-016 Burst Wall x3


to play this deck. you need to think WHAT will opponent do before you set your burst. you may say this is "Guessing opponent" deck. because you might not want to get killed even the first burst still not activated. and also i advice you, dont get greedy to get yourself into the odd situation like getting the Bazzel out but cannot use its effect to activate burst when you DONT HAVE the [Burst: After Opponent activate "when this spirit/Brave summon" effect] on your hand... well, its up to the situation of your hand, your opponent's field, and your field.

The dark Clowdy Ogre Island lv1 effect quite lovely. it will plus Bp1000 to the requirement of destroying effect of monsters and magic. So if this plays 3 on field, when TwinBlade Dragon Atk, Twinblade Dragon can destroy an opponent spirit with (BP4000+BP3000)BP7000 or below. works really well in this deck with the spirits like Archer Dragon, HeroDragon Lord Dragon and magics... Some more in Lvl2 will let the Dragon Warrior target atk opponent's spirit. so you could say this nexus is quite...killing spirits. XD but please note lvl2 effect only for DRAGON WARRIOR.

People might ask why not playing Braves in this deck...i say "I dont want to". This deck's killing combo key card is Goemon Thieft Dragon which in lvl2 by discarding a RED CARD from hand, will let my Ba-ou(lord) BECOME 2 gem. Perfect match is using Bazzel to Burst summon Goemon out. your Bazzel may get refresh since you activated a burst - Goemon. these happened during Bazzel declared attack, so when get into flash timing, use the Goemon effect to do the trick. 2 gems x 2 times attack = 4 Damages done to opponent.

I said perfect match. the second option may be HeroDragon Lord Dragon. Bazzel can summon Goemon for free, but sometimes situation will not allow in someway.

it is intended not to play brave because i don't have acceptable reason for such destruction deck which consisted the Hero Legend Deity Sword which lvl2 can gives my Ba-ou(lord) +BP3000 and "additional" +Bp5000 for no-brave Ba-ou spirit. This nexus lvl2 effect only for Ba-Ou.

Explosion sword is quite a good card even if only using it's burst effect. i personally used its burst effect only...XD.

Its up to what color your opponent play because i will say this can easily win Purple decks and Green decks because of their [When this spirit Summon] quite easy....XD

I love to set Hanzo in the starting game because player will try to damage me as soon as possible but we both lack of core. what can you think of? opponent hits me and i open the burst to burn opponent's spirits with 1 core XD this strategy works for major of the color except green. LOL. But Hanzo is draw on hand in the late game, i will use goemon to discard it. XD

Calculating the core, not those on the field, reserve, and trash, but THE CORE YOU WILL HAVE. when you are starting the game as turn 1, you only have 4 cores in your reserve. Triple draw may be the best option to set on field. if opponent attack in his turn, you will get 5 cores in reserve and can use it to pay the Cost of Triple Draw right after your life deducted and activated it. most of the opponent might felt some stress to let you get 2 or 3 additional hand cards.

well, this was my deck. Upgrading still in progress.

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War of Dragon Warriors [戦龍決戦] V.2 Empty Re: War of Dragon Warriors [戦龍決戦] V.2

Post  sainaku on Tue Jul 17, 2012 6:31 am

recently found an interesting card which can do a combo of "Bazzel continuous attack" with Lord Dragon Bazzel's effects.


Drag Krisnar
Burst: after opponent activate [When spirit/ Brave summon] effect.
Summon this spirit. Then, you may set 1 card from hand if you have no burst card set on field.
Lv2-lv3 [My attack Step]
When there is a burst set on field, if spirit of Supreme Hero/General attacks, draw 1 card.

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